Blog Post No. 2- Song Structure Analysis

The song I chose to analyze is “My Life” by Billy Joel. I chose this song because I listened to it with my dad yesterday and it has been on my mind recently. I have always loved this song and the message it contains. I have been working on playing this on piano and accompanying myself while singing.

The song begins with a 16 measure intro include an alternating octave bass and a few syncopated rhythmic motifs. At 0:29, Verse one begins with “Got a call from an old friend.” This section lasts for 21 measures. Then, there is an 8 measure instrumental interlude, which I believe would be called the “pre-chorus”  This section imitates the same rhythmic syncopation as the intro. The chorus begins at 1:10, and lasts 14 measures. Immediately after that, we enter the bridge at 1:35, which lasts 16 measures. This section is designated by a whole note in the accompaniment, and the change to a minor key. We return to verse 2 at 2:05 for another 21 measures, beginning with the lyrics “They will tell you you can’t sleep alone in a strange place.” We then return to the pre-chorus at 2:31 and lasts for 8 measures. The chorus returns at the coda at 2:45 for 14 measures. The bridge returns at 3:10 and lasts another 16 measures. There is another instrumental interlude (pre-chorus) for 8 measures. Then the chorus returns at 3:55, and there is a repeat and fade (outro) designated by the same rhythmic motif as the intro, as well as the chorus repeating the words “keep it to yourself it’s my life” until the song comes to an end.

Official Song:

The sheet music I use for this song was found on Page 56 of “The Billy Joel Keyboard Book”






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