Blog Post No. 3- Loops

Creating my loop project was a lot of fun. I felt that I had more freedom than ever in choosing my loops and creating my own piece with them. I chose five loops: Lounge Vibes 05, Ghostly Steel Drum, Moving on Bell Lead, Brooklyn Nights Synth, and Dark Hall Break.

I started my piece with Lounge Vibes. When I was searching for loops, I imagined creating something that felt mystic and dream-like, and I found the vibes captured what I was looking for. Then, I wanted to add some percussion, and I found the Ghostly Steel Drum. I did not originally intend for the piece to have such a dark, suspenseful nature. However, I really enjoyed the rhythmic drive that the steel drum gave it and found myself  liking the dark direction it was heading in. Next, I added the Moving on Bell Lead because I thought it was whimsical and added a nice contrast to the steel drum. I wanted to create several different effects within my piece. I added the Brooklyn Nights Synth for more depth, and I think it added more suspense and tension to the piece. Lastly, I wanted to have a climax in the piece where it really kicked up. I had originally imagined a cymbal or gong crash, but I found Dark Hall Break was effective in raising the energy level of the piece. I also really enjoyed the break when the Dark Hall was removed from the piece, it added a nice dramatic effect.


In terms of structure, I wanted to create a system of layers that started off very calm and quiet, grew, and then returned to the same calm place. This felt like I was taking my piece on a journey, or like a resolved dream or story. I started with the calm, added the scary and suspenseful ones, climaxed with the major percussion loop, and then slowly began dropping them until I was only left with Moving on Bell Lead and Lounge Vibes 05, create a calm and peaceful ending.


After much thought and consideration, I decided not to name my piece. I asked a few friends to listen, and they all gave me different ideas as to what they thought it referred to. One said it reminded him of a crime show, and another mentioned a suspenseful horror movie. I imagined a dream that quickly turned into a nightmare, the peaceful part at the end signifying the end of the dream. I thought it would be interesting to not title it and see what other people thought when they heard it. I’ll be curious to see what my classmates think.


After creating my first song with garage band, I definitely think that this is a valid form of musical creativity.  It takes a lot of time and effort to listen through the loops and piece them together, creating something totally unique. I think it is amazing that each person in our class was given the same prompt and the same set of tools to work with, and each one of us created a sound completely unique and different. In my opinion, that definitely showcases creativity and it certainly takes talent to piece these together. I believe that creating music electronically qualifies as a form of musical creativity.


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