MIDI – Mixed Mayhem

I honestly had a really difficult time understanding MIDI and what this project entailed. I found myself getting consistently more and more frustrated. I started scratching the work I did time after time until I finally found something I felt I could work with. I started with using popular tunes, such as “New York, New York” but I felt as though there were things I wanted to do to them and couldn’t because I didn’t know how. The vision in my head just wasn’t adding up.

After becoming extremely frustrated and ready to give up after two hours of exploration, I decided to go back and use my groove pizza as my MIDI. I switched to sound trap, and added other MIDI loops to my groove pizza, and finally came up with something. I found a variety of different loops I liked, and I got to really play around with cutting and fading which was different from the loops project for me. I also was able to figure out the length issue I had last time so I was able to let my MIDI progress a bit more because I had more time. I felt as though I got more comfortable exploring with different ideas and sounds through this project. The software instruments I used were mostly drums, synth, and bass. I really liked the contrast between the calm, melodic motifs I had mixed with the hard, driven bass rhythms and drum beats, hence my title “mixed mayhem.” While the end result has a lot of different aspects, I was proud of the way I mixed them together in a way that sort of makes sense. Had I had unlimited time and ability, I would ask more questions and find out more information and then use the visions I originally had in my head and apply them to my project.


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