Real vs. Hyperreal vs. Surreal

Real- “How Would You Feel”- Ed Sheeran

This song definitely encompasses everything one would look for in a “real” sound. This song is so organic, where you could hear the crisp sound of the piano and the guitar, and the clarity in his voice definitely shows the true realness of this song.

Hyperreal- “Uptown Funk”- Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars

This song is a perfect blend of live and altered audio sounds that are created in this fun, uptempo dance jam. From the very beginning, it is very clear that while it is definitely Bruno Mar’s voice, it has most definitely been altered. It sounds as though there could definitely be some MIDI used here, and perhaps a drum machine in place of live drums.

Surreal- “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”- Skrillex

This is definitely a great example of music that was created entirely using electric and technological software/resources. The sounds here from the very beginning are clearly created electronically. I think one thing that makes it sound surreal is the looped sounds that are continuously used throughout the song. The drums sound as though they were created using a drum machine. I think if this song was played using real instruments, it would sound really freaky but definitely super cool, if perhaps the opening loop was played on a piano or vibraphone with a drum set.


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