Found Sounds Processing

When I recorded my found sound, I was quite literally trapped inside during a snow storm. Because of this, my options for my found sound were quite limited, as I was in a house with five other people and no one to escape to. While laying on my couch, I noticed the sound of my dog walking/jumping on my hardwood floor. I found it to be rather rhythmic, and I was curious to see where I could go with it. I tried to get a few different recordings. This one was definitely the best, but as I listened back I noticed my brother was laughing at the end. I was just about to scratch it when I found that it was actually kind of a cool effect. When I added the other loops to this song, I created a really upbeat, dramatic, disco-funk sound. I used a lot of hard driven bass loops, different drum beats, and a lot of different synths. I also got to play with the EDM loops for the end and to intro into the loud section, which I thought added a cool effect. Overall, the last project most classmates said that they wished I drew out more of the dramatic parts, so I tried to work on that more for this song. I definitely did not expect the sound of my dogs paws and laughter to turn into this song, but I think its cool the way it turned out once I started playing around with the different loops.


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