Sampling Ethics

Sampling in music is one of the most controversial topics in the music industry. Many people agree that sampling is perfectly acceptable, while others pair the activity with plagiarism. In my opinion, I think it’s really cool that artists appreciate each others work enough to want to sample it in their own songs. It definitely speaks to the connection and respect there is in the music world. However, I do think that there needs to be some sort of standard as to how sampling can be executed. For one, I definitely think that credit needs to be given to the original artist in the credits of the song. In english or writing an essay, we wouldn’t use a quote from another paper or book without quoting it and including it in our bibliography, and I think that the same should apply to music making.It is simply moral to credit another persons work. It is a custom implement in our culture and society. We give thanks after recitals to the composers of the pieces with play, we thank lighting and sound designers. It is simply right to give credit to those who participated in the making of a particular song/show. Additionally, I think that it would be a good idea if permission was granted before the piece is used. Professionally recorded and sold songs have the potential to make millions of dollars, therefore bringing up a lot of potential legal issues. By given credit where it is due and getting permission, I believe that hostility and legal issues can be avoided.


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