Self-Remix Process Documentation

For the self-remix, I chose to remix my MIDI project. When I originally did this project, I felt I really did not understand the concept of MIDI. I was also still very new to sound trap, as this was only my second project. Therefore, I thought I could have a lot to work on with my MIDI song. To start, I raised the volume of the groove pizza drums. I felt that at times they were barely audible to I brought them up. Also, I remember when we presented these projects, one of my classmates mentioned that he would love to hear more of the bass alarm and I definitely agreed with him. I elongated this section and the entire song to make this sound more of a feature. To achieve this,I also raised the volume of this sound. I also exchanged the champagne drums for alternative beat drums. I elongated the synth and bells at the ending to make the resolution a bit more dramatic. With these changes, I feel as though the piece is more coherent and it makes more sense to the listeners.


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