Mobile Song Process Documentation

For my mobile song, I used the app Auxy. I found it really cool with the color coordinates, easy to use (which I need) and effective. I spent some time playing around with the loops until I found some timbres that I liked. I wanted to create a sound that was cool and not too heavy, it probably had something to do with my mood at the time. I wasn’t exactly sure how to incorporate my own performance, so I just made a song by altering the loops. I changed the mode to harmonic minor because I thought it added a really warm feeling to the sound. I also chose softer drum beats to add to the overall timbre. I am satisfied with my finished product but I do wish I had a little bit more time to learn more about the app so I could add a bit more complexity to the sound I’ve created. However, I did like the simplicity of the app so I think it works. I think this app would be really great for music therapy settings, as the simplicity and alignment with the colors could be create for children to create something they may not be capable of doing with a pen and paper, or a more complex software. I will definitely use this app in my sessions, as I think it is applicable for many diagnoses/populations.


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